Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University

Organization and Staff

Full-time staff are listed.
The names of the staff are linked to Data Base of Educational and Research Activities of Academic Staff of Kyushu University.

Strength of Materials
Solid Mechanics Lab. NOGUCHI, Hiroshi (Professor)
HAMADA, Shigeru (Associate Prof.)
KOYAMA, Motomichi (Assistant Prof.)
Fatigue and Fracture of Materials Lab. TSUZAKI, Kaneaki (Professor)
FUKUSHIMA, Yoshihiro (Assistant Prof.)
Structural Materials Research Lab. TODA, Hiroyuki (Professor)
TAKAKUWA, Osamu (Associate Prof.)
HIRAYAMA, Kyosuke (Assistant Prof.)
Fluids Engineering
Flow Control Systems Lab. WATANABE, Satoshi (Professor)
TSUDA, Shin-ichi (Associate Prof.)
KATAYAMA, Yusuke (Assistant Prof.)
Fluids Engineering Science Lab. FURUKAWA, Masato (Professor)
MORI, Hideo (Associate Prof.)
YAMADA, Kazutoyo (Assistant Prof.)
Thermal Engineering
Heat and Mass Transfer Lab. TAKAMATSU, Hiroshi (Professor)
KURATA, Kosaku (Associate Prof.)
WANG, Hai Dong (Assistant Prof.)
Thermal Energy Conversion Lab. HAMAMOTO, Yoshinori (Associate Prof.)
MIYATA, Kazushi (Assistant Prof.)
Thermofluid Physics Lab. TAKATA, Yasuyuki (Professor)
SAKODA, Naoya (Associate Prof.)
Thermal Physics and Engineering Lab. KOHNO, Masamichi (Professor)
Reactive Gas Dynamics Lab. KITAGAWA, Toshiaki (Professor) Web
WATANABE, Hiroaki (Associate Prof.) Web
NAGANO, Yukihide (Assistant Prof.) Web
Engine Systems Lab. MORIUE, Osamu (Professor) Web
Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
Vibration and Acoustics Lab. KIJIMOTO, Shinya (Professor)
ISHIKAWA, Satoshi (Associate Prof.)
TAKAYAMA, Yoshihisa (Assistant Prof.)
Mechanical Vibration Lab. KONDOU, Takahiro (Professor)
MORI, Hiroki (Associate Prof.)
SOWA, Nobuyuki (Assistant Prof.)
Structural Dynamics Lab. INOUE, Takumi (Professor)
KADOWAKI, Ren (Assistant Prof.)
Control and Systems
System Engineering Lab. KIGUCHI, Kazuo (Professor)
ARATA, Jumpei (Associate Prof.)
TSUJI, Yasutaka (Assistant Prof.)
Control Engineering Lab. YAMAMOTO, Motoji (Professor)
NAKASHIMA, Yasutaka (Assistant Prof.)
Human Centered Robotics Lab. TAHARA, Kenji (Associate Prof.)  Web
Manufacturing Processes
Precision Machining Lab. KUROKAWA, Syuhei (Professor)
HAYASHI, Terutake(Associate Prof.)
SAJIMA, Takao (Assistant Prof.)
Material Processing Lab. SHINAGAWA, Kazunari (Professor)
TSUMORI, Fujio (Associate Prof.)
Machine Design and Bionic Systems
Machine Elements and Design Engineering Lab. SAWAE, Yoshinori (Professor)
YAMAGUCHI, Tetsuo (Associate Prof.)
MORITA, Takehiro (Assistant Prof.)
Tribology Lab. SUGIMURA, Joichi (Professor)
YAGI, Kazuyuki (Associate Prof.)
TANAKA, Hiroyoshi (Assistant Prof.)
Biofunctional Engineering Lab. KUDO, Susumu (Professor)
SERA, Toshihiro (Associate Prof.)
NAKASHIMA, Kazuhiro (Assistant Prof.)
Bio-medical Fluid Engineering Lab. YAMANISHI, Yoko (Professor)
Nano & Micro Bio-engineering Lab. SAWADA, Renshi (Professor)
NOGAMI, Hirofumi (Assistant Prof.)
Hydrogen Utilization Engineering
Hydrogen Utilization Processes Lab. SASAKI, Kazunari (Professor)
SHIRATORI, Yusuke (Associate Prof.)
TACHIKAWA, Yuya (Assistant Prof.)
Fuel Cell System Lab. ITO, Kohei (Professor)
KITAHARA, Tatsumi (Associate Prof.)
NAKAJIMA, Hironori (Assistant Prof.)
Hydrogen Storage Systems Lab. MATSUNAGA, Hisao (Professor)
Advanced Hydrogen Materials
Advanced Hydrogen Materials Lab. NISHIMURA, Shin (Professor)
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