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International Workshop on Phase Change and Wetting Phenomena



日時:   201562()  10:20-17:30

場所:   JR博多シティ大会議室A+B, JR博多駅ビル内10階)

主催:    九州大学カーボンニュートラル・エネルギー国際研究所(WPI-I2CNER

後援:   日本機械学会熱工学部門相変化研究会


Chairs:              Khellil Sefiane, エディンバラ大学, 九州大学カーボンニュートラル・エネルギー国際研究所

高田 保之, 九州大学カーボンニュートラル・エネルギー国際研究所


Workshop Program:

10:20-10:30         Opening Remarks

Session 1: 

10:30-10:50         A microscopic view on solid-liquid-vapor three-phase contact area

Gyoko Nagayama, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

10:50-11:10         Chemically treated micropollars for enhanced condensation heat transfer

Daniel Orejon, I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan

11:10-11:30         Pure subcooled boiling of water observed on a surface with mixed wettability

                                          Biao Shen, I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan

11:30-11:50        Keynote 1: Thermocapillary Instabilities in Evapolating Pools and Sessile Droplets: Ultrahigh Resolution DNS

                                          Prashant Valluri, University of Edinburgh, UK

11:50-12:30         Keynote 2: Liquids on Flexible Solids: When the Solid Meets Its Match!

                                          Martin ER Shanahan, University of Bordeaux, France

12:30                   Lunch Break


Session 2:  

13:30-14:10         Keynote 3: Micro Pulsating Heat Pipes: State-of-the-art Developments

                                          Sung Jin Kim, KAIST, Korea

14:10-14:30         Pressure and void fraction fluctuations during DNB in subcooled flow boiling

                                          Hitoshi Asano, Kobe University

14:30-14:50         Criteria of flushing phenomena under microwave heating

                                          Yutaka Abe, University of Tsukuba

14:50-15:10         CHF enhancement using honeycomb porous plate in a saturated pool boiling

                                          Shoji Mori, Yokohama National University, Japan

15:10                   Break


Session 3:  

15:30-16:10         Keynote 4: The Leidenfrost Effect: From Drag Reduction to Sublimation (Heat) Engines

                                          Glen McHale, Northumbria University, UK

16:10-16:30         On condensing vapor bubble in subcool pool

                                          Ichiro Ueno, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

16:30-16:50         Wetting Initiation near MHF point during Spray Cooling

                                          Niro Nagai, University of Fukui, Japan

16:50-17:30         Keynote 5: Dependence of Critical Heat Flux on Heater Size

Masahiro Shoji, The University of Tokyo, Japan

17:30-17:40         Closing


18:00-19:30         Banquet



懇親会会場:      博多駅周辺

懇親会費:         5000


参加登録:          参加費無料ですが会場の都合により満員(50)になり次第締め切らせていただきます.


連絡先:              九州大学カーボンニュートラル・エネルギー国際研究所 熱科学研究部門

山田 (やまだ ゆたか),