Released in 2008

A PROgram PAckage for THermophysical properties of fluids

Developed and Distributed by PROPATH Group


■ What PROPATH is

PROPATH is a subroutine/function type computer program package for thermophysical properties of fluids written by FORTRAN77, with which one can get thermophysical properties quite easily on referring these subroutines and/or functions from his/her FORTRAN main program unit like the trigonometric functions. Single shot programs through which a user can find properties on his/her computer display point by point interactively are prepared as well. In addition, some PROPATH functions can also be referred to as functions of Microsoft EXCEL97(E-PROPATH).

User's Manual

Users manual in the form of html/PDF files and additional information are available from here.
.........PROPATH131_users_manual.zip <10,689KB>

Subset of PROPATH

Name of Subset

Substances covered (formulations in case of F-PROPATH)

Thermophysical Properties covered

pure substances

Helium 4 (IUPAC-IPTS 1968), Helium 4 (NIST-ITS 1990), Neon, Argon (IUPAC Table), Argon (Tegeler, Span, and Wagner), Krypton, Xenon, n-Hydrogen (Wooly, Scott, and Brickwedde), n-Hydrogen (GERG 2004 formulation), n-Hydrogen (Leachman, Jacobsen, and Lemmon), Parahydrogen (Leachman, Jacobsen, and Lemmon), Parahydrogen (Younglove), Flourine, Chlorine, Nitrogen, Oxgen (Sychev, Vasserman, Kozlov, Spiridonov and Tsymarny), Oxgen (Schmidt and Wagner), Air, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide (IUPAC Table), Carbon Dioxide (Span and Wagner), Water (IFC 1967 Formulation for Industrial Use-IPTS 1968), Water (IFC 1967 Formulation for Industrial Use-ITS 1990), Water (IAPS 1984 Formulation for Scientific and General Use), Water (IAPWS Industrial Formulation 1997-ITS 1990), Water (IAPWS Formulation 1995 for General and Scientific Use), Heavy Water, Methanol, Ethanol, Ammonia (Stewart, Jacobsen, and Penoncello), Ammonia (Tillner-Roth, Watzenberg, and Baehr), Ammonia (Tillner-Roth, Watzenberg, and Baehr) including double precision functions, Sulfur Hexafluoride, Methane (IUPAC Table), Methane (Friend, Ely, and Ingham), Methane (Setzmann and Wagner), Ethylen (Jahangiri, Jacobsen, Stewart, and McCarty), Ethylen (Smukala, Span, and Wagner), Ethane (Sychev, Vasserman, Kozlov, Zagoruchenko, Spiridonov, and Tsymarny), Ethane (Bucker and Wagner), Propylene, Propane (Buehner, Maurer, and Bender), Propane (Miyamoto and Watanabe), n-Butane (Goodwin), n-Butane (Bucker and Wagner), Isobutane (Goodwin), Isobutane (Miyamoto and Watanabe), Isobutane (Bucker and Wagner), FC-14 (R14), FC-C318 (RC318), CFC-11 (R11), CFC-12 (R12), CFC-13 (R13), CFC-113 (R113), CFC-114 (R114), CFC-115 (R115), CFC-152a (R152a), HCFC-21 (R21), HCFC-22 (R22), HCFC-123 (R123), HCFC-142b (R142b), HFC-23 (R23) (Platzer, Polt, and Maurer), HFC-23 (R23) (Penoncello, Lemmon, Jacobsen, and Shan), HFC-32 (R32), HFC-125 (R125) (Sunaga, Tillner-Roth, Sato, and Watanabe), HFC-125 (R125) (Lemmon and Jacobsen), HFC-134a (R134a) (Piao, Sato, and Watanabe), HFC-134a (R134a) (Tillner-Roth and Baehr), HFC-143a (R143a) (Li, Tillner-Roth, Sato, and Watanabe), HFC-143a (R143a) (Lemmon and Jacobsen), HFC-152a (R152a) (Astina and Sato), Halon 1211 (R12B1), Halon 1301 (R13B1), R500, R502, R503

p-v-T relation, internal energy, enthalpy, entropy, saturation temperature, saturation pressure, latent heat of vaporization, dryness fraction of wet vapor, isobaric specific heat, ischoric specific heat, ratio of specific heat, isentropic exponent, volumetric temperature coefficient of expansion, volumetric pressure coefficient of expansion, isentropic compressibility, isothermal compressibility, velocity of sound, viscosity, thermal conductivity, Prandtl number, surface tension, Laplace coefficient, ion product, static dielectric constant

moist air

Moist Air as an Ideal Gas Mixture, Moist Air as a Real Gas

The most of the properties covered by P-PROPATH plus: dry-bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, dew point, degree of saturation, relative humidity, humidity ratio, mole fraction of water

binary mixture

Ammonia-Water Mixture by Ibrahim and Klein, Ammonia-Water Mixture by Tillner-Roth and Friend*

The most of the properties covered by P-PROPATH plus: properties of pure components, type of phase, compositions of each phases, dew point, bubble point, properties on isobaric- and adiabatic mixing of two streams

binary mixture by
general equation

Peng-Robinson equation, CSD equation, BWR equation

The most of the properties covered by P-PROPATH plus: properties of pure components, type of phase, compositions of each phases, dew point, bubble point, properties on isobaric- and adiabatic mixing of two streams

ideal gases and
their mixture

Acetylene, Ammonia, Argon, Carbon, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Tetrafluoride, Chloroform, Chlorine, Dinitrogen Monoxide, Ethylene, Ethyl Chloride, Fluorine, Helium-4, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Iodide, Methane, Methanol, Methylene Chloride, Neon, Nitrogen, Nitric Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxygen, Ozone, Propane, Sulfur Dioxide, Water, CFC-12, FC-13, CFC-114, HCFC-21, HCFC-22, HCFC-142B, HFC-152A, Mixture of these gases

The most of the properties covered by P-PROPATH plus: absolute entropy, entropy function, Gibbs energy function, relative volume, relative pressure


Substances covered by P-PROPATH and A-PROPATH

The most of the properties covered by P-PROPATH and A-PROPATH

single shot programs on internet web page

Substances covered by P-PROPATH and A-PROPATH

All of the properties covered by P-PROPATH and A-PROPATH

* This program has some irregularity in higher pressure region. The calculation in this region may happen to terminate abnormally.

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