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Experiment; "Re-examination of long-recognized fracture mechanisms in ferrous materials (2011B1111)" was performed in SPring-8
Our research achievement was reported in “SPring-8 News” as topical research accomplishments.
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  • 2011年12月25日-12月27日
    Laboratory members went to skiing to Hakuba.
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  • 2011年11月12日-13日
    Prof. Toda was awarded the scientific achievements prize from The Japan Institute of Light Metals.
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  • 2011年11月7日-11月9日
    Our article; "Four-Dimensional Annihilation Behaviors of Micro Pores during Surface Cold Working(Materials Transactions, Vol. 51, No. 7 (2010) pp. 1288-1295)" was awarded the Best Paper Prize from Japan Institute of Metals.
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  • 2011年10月21日-10月26日
    Experiment; "Assessment of crystallographic crack extension behaviour using new grain-structure 3D/4D observation technique with crystallographic-orientation measurement (2011B1116)" was performed in SPring-8
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  • 2011年10月12日-10月17日
    Prof. Toda lectured as the invited lecture about "Combining Grain Boundary Tracking and XRD for 3-Dimensional Grain Mapping of Deformed Polycrystaline Al-alloy" in a workshop to promote the use of high energy x-ray diffraction experiments and detailed computational analyses for understanding multiscale phenomena in crystalline materials.
    M2 Tsuruta was awarded Best Poster Prize in the Tokai branch poster conference of The Japan Institute of Light Metals.
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