Overview of the laboratory

@Data cannot be organized even with widely used models; simulation analysis cannot reproduce the experimental and/or observed results; past studies mention hundreds of theories and lead you not to the truth but into a maze, etc. If you are working in a laboratory, you may have had such experiences.

@The Laboratory for Materials Strength & Characterization in 3D/4D is working day and night, believing that eone 3D/4D picture is worth a thousand 2D picturesf (instead of eone picture is worth a thousand wordsf). It has been difficult to design optimum microstructures and understand complicated phenomena of materials, because estimated properties based on microstructure sometimes diverge from the results of material tests and analytical measurements, due to the lack of intermediate information and the fact that conventional 2D observations of surfaces and sections are uncertain and sometimes incorrect. We are developing the shortest ways to reach the goals by making use of information-rich 3D and 4D (3D plus the time axis) imaging. We are especially focusing on real 4D imaging, which will dramatically increase our understanding of complicated and dynamic phenomena of nano- to micro-structures in materials and living organisms. Real 4D imaging will help realize e3D/4D Materials Sciencef, which is characterized by (1) a heightened ability to demonstrate and evaluate the 4D structures of various materials at high time resolution and with certainty, and (2) theoretical treatment of real images in systematic conformity with demonstrative properties.

@This may sound very unusual and difficult, but the aim is simply to convert ordinary and widely known materials and processes into advanced ones by using leading-edge evaluation technologies. Our targets include functional materials as well as common-use and state-of-the-art structural materials, and a wide range of materials including metals, ceramics, polymers, and composite materials. To connect traditional and leading-edge technologies with academia and industry, we are actively promoting cooperation among industry, government and academia, and are training and educating researchers and engineers of the industrial world.