Solid mechanics has developed as technology of asking for the stress produced in a machine structure correctly. The technology of making the basis of calculation science, such as a finite element method and a boundary element method, has been born from that. The original technique called Boundary Element Method focusing on Professor Nishitani (Emeritus Professor Kyushu University) also in Kyushu University was produced. Such technology is contained at the present application term, and is daily used in many industrial fields.

At our laboratory, reconstruction of research was begun aiming at the next generation's new technology. Our ultimate purpose is to operate a machine structure "safely." A fundamental valuation modeling for that is Stress-Strength Model. Solid mechanics has so far concentrated to calculate the stress. However, many unsolved problems are left behind to the Strength side in comparison with this. Then, Strength was experimented in it and analyzed from a viewpoint of more micro dynamics, and research was shifted in the direction which ties the result to the technique of calculation science (computer analysis).

If the destructive accident which has occurred in the world is seen now, although each cause is not so difficult, they that have overlapped cannot be evaluated by Stress-Strength Model. Based on such a situation, the risk robust model further used widely rather than conventional Stress-Strength Model is built, and research to the technique of preventing failure of a machine structure in a development stage is carried out.

Our laboratory research shifted to more actual problems like a car, with covering from a more macroscopic viewpoint to a micro viewpoint comprehensively over the conventional solid mechanics.

Through these researches, a student's creativity is pulled out and it is striving for training of the talented people who can exercise leadership in the future for the important problem which should be solved as company people to be found out, and aim at the solution creatively.

Moreover, in order to use these research results for actual product development, combining the technical problem in a product development process with the management technique of development, discussion, and activity which aims at problem solution is performed in our laboratroy.